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Auxilior Capital Partners Office Expansion

Plymouth Meeting, PA – March 20, 2024

The wait is finally over! The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked a significant milestone for Auxilior Capital Partners. Our expanded office is a testament to the growth of our company and the impactful contributions our team is making within the industry.

Expansion Highlights:
– Added 10,500 sq ft for a total of 22,500
– Space for 120, with more room for growth
– Expanded lunchroom/lounge and bar
– Creation of a wellness room and showers
– Additional conference rooms
– Expanded Innovation Lab
– IT space more than doubled in size

Thank you to our incredible partners and team members for driving our success!

Other News

Behind the Shield Episode 7 | Franchise Financing and its Challenges

March 28, 2024

In this episode of “Behind the Shield”, Doug McKenzie, GM and EVP of Franchise Finance, outlines the enduring finance challenges specific to this market segment. Uncover how these challenges shape our strategic approach in delivering financial solutions for both franchisors and franchisees, alike. For more on our approach to Franchise Finance, stay tuned for part two.

Service and Solutions Awards

March 22, 2024

Join us in celebrating Marty Babicki, Frank Moio, and Donna Phipps — our recent Service and Solutions Awards recipients recognized for their pivotal roles in our recent expansion project and significant contributions to our growth and success.

Awards presented by René Paradis, President and COO, and Steve Grosso, CEO.

Monitor 2024 Best Companies in Equipment Finance Award for Culture

March 12, 2024

Auxilior Capital Partners is delighted to receive the 2024 Monitor’s Best Companies in Equipment Finance Award for Culture. Click the link below to check out the article and learn more about our journey!

ALPS Club Winners

February 1, 2024

Auxilior Capital Partners is proud to honor and recognize this year’s ALPS Club winners. Their exemplary performance and dedication are truly commendable. Congratulations to you all!


Pictured left to right: Executives Don Campbell, David Verlizzo, Karthik Viswanathan, and Jeremy Borkowski, ALPS Club Winners Randy Montrose, Mike Mandy, Chris McManus, Dennis Miller, Steve Wolford, Bill Gallagher, Susan Debro, CEO Steve Grosso, Tim Campbell, Noah Beh, Matt Purcell, Eric Michener, Hakim Muhammad, Karen Lau, Michela Giannandrea, Matthew Goldenberg, Jon Stafy, President and COO René Paradis, and Maurice Smith.