About Us

Corporate Background

Auxilior is built on two foundational elements: People and Technology. Auxilior is committed to continuous improvement through a holacratic, empowered culture integrated with market-leading technologies resulting in an agile, digitally optimized business and operating model.

We have one purpose and that’s to create the North American Market Leading Supply Chain Financial Logistics Company through providing durable innovation and timely frictionless sales-aid solutions for our partners based on our fundamental belief that, “Above all, we serve.”

Capital and Investors

Auxilior is backed by a leading multi-billion dollar private equity fund and has access to a long-standing network and syndicate of capital markets investors that add breadth and capabilities.

Auxilior has the financial capacity, expertise, and resources to support our program partners and their distribution networks.


Our Beliefs

Great cultures begin with a blending of people with a common belief system that join forces, and galvanize around a purpose.
At Auxilior Capital Partners we believe in:
  • Service

    It’s in our name and DNA

  • Curiosity

    Learning is omnipotent

  • Continual Improvement


  • Innovation

    We are creative to the core

  • Social Responsibility

    Treat People and the world with respect

  • Optimism

    Future focused solutions

  • Community

    Prioritized investments in relationships, teamwork, and partnerships

  • Durability

    Built to last

  • Passion

    We care deeply about what we do and who we do it with

  • Playing to win

    Deliver results

Contact Us

Whether you are an existing customer in need of account support or are new to Auxillior Capital and in search of a strong, service-oriented financing partner, we look forward to hearing from you. Please fill out the form on the right to reach us via email.

If you’d like customer support by phone, we can be reached at 877-773-0333.